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121 FIynn Gaelic Son of the red haired one. M
122 FIynn Irish Ruddy. M
123 Flainn Irish Ruddy. M
124 Flanagan Irish Ruddy. M
125 Flann Gaelic Red haired. M
126 Flann Irish Ruddy. M
127 Flannagain Irish Ruddy. M
128 Flannagan Irish Surname. M
129 Flannan Irish Variant of Flannery: Red-haired. M

130 Flavian Latin Yellow-haired. M
131 Flavien Latin Variant of Flavian: Yellow-haired. M
132 Flin Gaelic Son of the red haired one. M
133 Flin Irish Variant of Flynn: Son of a red-haired man. M
134 Flinn Irish Son of a red-haired man. M
135 Floinn Irish Ruddy. M
136 Floren Latin Flowering. M
137 Florentin Latin Flowering. M
138 Florentyn Latin Flowering. M
139 Florian Latin Flowery or flourishing. Famous bearer: Fourth century Roman martyr St. Florian. M
140 Florian Polish Flowering. M