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21 Fatir Muslim Maker. Creator.. M
22 Faulkner English Variant of Falkner: Falconer; one who trains falcons. M
23 Fearchar Scottish Dear one. M
24 Fearcher Gaelic Very dear. M
25 Fedor Greek Divine gift. M
26 Fedor Russian God's gift. M
27 Feodor Greek Divine gift. M
28 Ferehar Celtic Mythical son of Uisneeh. M
29 Fflewdwr Welsh Legendary son of Naw. M

30 Ffodor Welsh Legendary son of Ervyll. M
31 Filmarr English Famous. M
32 Filmer English Variant of Filmore: Famed; famous. M
33 Finbar Celtic Blond. M
34 Finbar Irish Blond-haired; handsome. M
35 Finnbar Celtic Blond. M
36 Finnobarr Celtic Blond. M
37 Fionnbarr Irish Handsome. M
38 Fionnbharr Irish Variant of Finbar: Blond-haired; handsome. M
39 Fitz Walter English Son of Walter. M
40 Fitz Water English Son of Walter. M