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1 Fabert Latin Variant of Fabian: Bean farmer. M
2 Falit Hindi Variant of Falan: Fertile. M
3 Faraasat Muslim Variant of Farasat: Keen eye. Discernment.. M
4 Farasat Muslim Keen eye. Discernment.. M
5 Farhat Muslim Joy. Happiness.. M
6 Farrant French Variant of Ferrand: Gray-haired. M
7 Fasaahat Muslim Variant of Fasahat: Fluency. Eloquence.. M
8 Fasahat Muslim Fluency. Eloquence.. M
9 Fasolt Norse Killed by Fafnir. M

10 Faust Italian Lucky. M
11 Faust Latin Lucky. M
12 Felabeorbt English Brilliant. M
13 Ferrant French Variant of Ferrand: Gray-haired. M
14 Fflergant Welsh Legendary king of Brittany. M
15 Filbert English Introduced to Britain during the Norman conquest, from the Old German Filibert, meaning very bright. M
16 Fitz Gilbert English Son of Gilbert. M
17 Fitzgilbert English Son of Gilbert. M
18 Flint English Stream. Place-name and surname. Flint stone produces a spark of fire when struck by steel. M
19 Florent French Flower. M
20 Flynt English A stream. M