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241 Garton English Lives in the triangular farm stead. M
242 Garuda Indian The god who carried Vishnu. M
243 Garvan Irish Rough. M
244 Garve Irish Rough; rugged. M
245 Garvey Gaelic Rough. M
246 Garvey Irish Rough peace. M
247 Garvin English Friend with a spear. M
248 Garvin Irish Rough; rugged. M
249 Garvin Teutonic Friendly warrior. M

250 Garvyn English Friend with a spear. M
251 Garvyn German Spear friend; ally. M
252 Garwig English Spear fighter. M
253 Garwin English Friend with a spear. M
254 Garwood English From the fir forest. M
255 Garwyli Welsh Legendary son of Gwydaawg Gwyr. M
256 Garwyn English Friend with a spear. M
257 Gary English Hard or bold spear. A diminutive of Garret, which is an English variant of the German Gerard. Also a diminutive of Gareth and Garrick Famous bearer: American actor Gary Cooper. M
258 Gary German Spear. M
259 Gary Irish Diminutive of Garret: Hard or bold spear. An Irish variant of the German Gerard, based on medieval pronunciation. Famous bearer: Irish statesman Garret FitzGerald. M
260 Gary Welsh Diminutive of Gareth: Gentle. Modest and brave Sir Gareth was a legendary knight of King Arthur's Round Table. M