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301 Gawen Scottish White hawk. M
302 Gawyn English Battle hawk. M
303 Gawyn Scottish White hawk. M
304 Gayle English Lively. M
305 Gaylen Gaelic Tranquil. M
306 Gaylord French From the Old French, meaning high-spirited. Used as both a surname and given name. M
307 Gayner Gaelic Son of the blond man. M
308 Gaynor Gaelic Son of the blond man. M
309 Gaza Biblical Strong, a goat M

310 Gazabar Biblical A treasurer M
311 Gazer Biblical A dividing, a sentence. M
312 Gazez Biblical A passing over. M
313 Gazsi Hungarian Protects the treasure. M
314 Gazsi Persian Treasure master. M
315 Gazzam Biblical The fleece of them. M
316 Gcibor Polish Variant of Czcibor: Fights with honour. M
317 Gear Gaelic Short. M
318 Gearald Gaelic Gaelic form of Gerald. M
319 Gearoid Irish Spearbrave. M
320 Gearoid Teutonic Spear strength. M