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341 Geir Norse Spear. M
342 Geiri Norse Spear. M
343 Geirleif Norse Spear descendant. M
344 Geirmund Norse Son of Gunnbjorn. M
345 Geirolf Norse Wolf spear. M
346 Geirrod Norse Brother of Geirrid. M
347 Geirstein Norse Rock or hard spear. M
348 Gelasius Greek Laughter. M
349 GeldeFsman Dutch From Guelders. M

350 Geliloth Biblical Rolling, wheel, heap. M
351 Gellert Teutonic Resolute fighter. M
352 Gemalli Biblical Wares, a camel. M
353 Gemariah Biblical Accomplishment or perfection of the Lord M
354 Gene English Abbreviation of Eugene, meaning well-born. Famous bearers: American actors Gene Kelly and Gene Hackman. M
355 Gene Greek Diminutive of Eugene: Well born. M
356 Generosb Spanish Generous. M
357 Genesis Biblical Beginning. M
358 Genius Latin A guardian spirit. M
359 Gennesaret Biblical Garden of the prince. M
360 Genrazy Teutonic Warrior. M