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401 Gerard English Hard or bold spear. This name was introduced to England from Germany during the Norman Conquest. Famous bearer: British poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. M
402 Gerard French Spear strong. See also Jerard. M
403 Gerard German See also Jerard. From an Old German name meaning hard, strong, or bold spear. M
404 Gerard Teutonic Spear strength. M
405 Gerardo English Spear hard. M
406 Gerardo Italian Spear hard. M
407 Gerardo Spanish Spanish form of Gerard 'spear courageous'. M
408 Geraud Teutonic Spear strength. M
409 Gerd English Spear hard. M

410 Gere English Form of Gerald 'rules by the spear.'. M
411 Gere German Form of Gerald: rules by the spear. M
412 Geremia Hebrew God is high. M
413 Geremia Italian Italian form of Jerome 'sacred'. M
414 Gergely Greek Vigilant. M
415 Gergesenes Biblical Those who come from pilgrimage or fight. M
416 Gergo Hungarian Watchful. M
417 Gergor Greek Vigilant. M
418 Gerhard German Spear strong. M
419 Gerhard Swedish Swedish form of Gerard 'spear courageous'. M
420 Gerik Polish Wealthy spearman. M