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441 Gerrard French Spear strong. See also Jerard. M
442 Gerrard German See also Jerard. From an Old German name meaning hard, strong, or bold spear. M
443 Gerred English Variant of Garret from Gerald 'rules by the spear.'. M
444 Gerrell English Form of Gerald 'rules by the spear.'. M
445 Gerrell German Form of Gerald: rules by the spear. M
446 Gerrit Dutch Variant of Gerald rules by the spear. M
447 Gerrit English Spear hard. M
448 Gerritt Dutch Variant of Gerald rules by the spear. M
449 Gerry English Diminutive of Gerald, meaning ruling spear. Often used as an independent name. M

450 Gerry Teutonic Spear strength. M
451 Gersham Hebrew Exiled. M
452 Gershom Biblical A stranger here M
453 Gershom Hebrew Exiled, alien, or bell. Famous bearer: Gershom was an Old Testament son of Moses. M
454 Gershon Biblical His banishment; the change of pilgrimage M
455 Gert Teutonic Warrior. M
456 Gervais Teutonic Serves the spear. M
457 Gervase Celtic Servant spear. This name is derived from combining an Old Gcrman name meaning spear, and the Celtic word for servant. Famous bearer: martyr St Gervase who died in Milan. M
458 Gervase English Serves. M
459 Gervasio Spanish Warrior. M
460 Gervasio Teutonic Warrior. M