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581 Gilmer Teutonic Famous hostage. M
582 Gilmore Celtic Serves Mary. M
583 Gilmore Gaelic Devoted. M
584 Gilmore Scottish Sword bearer. M
585 Giloh Biblical He that rejoices; he that overturns M
586 Gilpin English Trusted. M
587 Gilroy Celtic Serves the red haired lord. M
588 Gilroy Gaelic Serves the red-haired one, or ervant of the man with red hair. Both as a surname and given name. M
589 Gilroy Latin Serves the king. M

590 Gilroy Scottish Serves the king. M
591 Gils Norse Father of Hedin. M
592 Gilvaethwy Welsh Legendary son of Don. M
593 Gilvarry Irish Serves Christ. M
594 Gimle Norse New heaven. M
595 Gimm Anglo-Saxon Gem. M
596 Gimzo Biblical That bulrush. M
597 Ginath Biblical A garden. M
598 Ginnetho Biblical A garden. M
599 Gino Italian Italian form of Louis 'famous' Abbreviation of names like Gian and Giovanni. M
600 GioIlamhuire Gaelic Devoted. M