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621 Girgashite Biblical Who arrives from pilgrimage. M
622 Girish Hindi Lord of the mountains. M
623 Girisha Indian Storm god. M
624 Girven Gaelic Rough. M
625 Girvyn Gaelic Rough. M
626 Giselbert English Trusted. M
627 Giselmaere English Famous hostage. M
628 Gisilbert German An Old German name derived from 'gisil', meaning pledge, and 'berhia', meaning bright. M
629 Gispa Biblical Coming hither. M

630 Gittah-hepher Biblical Digging, a wine-press. M
631 Gittaim Biblical A wine-press. M
632 Gittites Biblical Men of Gath; ie. of a wine-press M
633 Giuliano Italian Youthful. M
634 Giuliano Latin Youth. M
635 Giulio Italian Youthful; Variant of Julian and Julio. M
636 GIum Norse An outlaw. M
637 Giuseppe Italian He shall add. M
638 GIyn Welsh Dwells in the glen. M
639 GIynn Welsh Dwells in the glen. M
640 Gizur Norse Leader of the attack on Hlidarend. M