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741 Gormant Welsh Legendary son of Rica. M
742 Gormley Irish Surname. M
743 Gorre ArthurianLegend A kingdom. M
744 Gorrie Irish Peace from God. M
745 Gorry Irish Peace from God. M
746 Gorsedd Celtic From Arbeth. M
747 Gorsedd Welsh From the mound. M
748 Gorvenal ArthurianLegend A knight. M
749 Goshen Biblical Approaching, drawing near. M

750 Gosheven NativeAmerican Leaper. M
751 Gothfraidh Irish Peaceful. M
752 Gottfrid Teutonic God's peace. M
753 Gottfried Dutch Divinely peaceful. M
754 Gottfried German Peaceful god. M
755 Gottfried Teutonic God's peace. M
756 Gotthard Dutch Divinely firm. M
757 Gotthard Teutonic Divinely stern. M
758 Gotzon Basque Messenger. M
759 Gouveniail ArthurianLegend A knight. M
760 Govan Welsh Legendary son of Caw. M