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881 Gringalet ArthurianLegend Gawain's horse. M
882 Gringolet ArthurianLegend Gawain's horse. M
883 Grioghar Irish Watchful. M
884 Griorgair Scottish Vigilant. M
885 Gris Norse A man freed by Skallagrim. M
886 Grisha Russian Watchful. M
887 Grisham English From the grazing. M
888 Griswald German From the gray forest. M
889 Griswald Teutonic From the gray forest. M

890 Griswold German From the gray forest. M
891 Groffudd Welsh Strong warrior, lord. M
892 Groot Dutch Large. M
893 Grosvenor French Great hunter. M
894 Grover English Grove dweller. Used as both surname and given name. Famous bearer: American president Grover Cleveland. M
895 Gruddieu Celtic Mythical son of Muriuel. M
896 Gruddyeu Welsh Legendary son of Muryel. M
897 Gruev Greek Vigilant. M
898 Gruffen Welsh Fierce lord. M
899 Gruffin Welsh Fierce lord. M
900 Gruffudd Welsh Red haired. M