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981 Gustavus Teutonic Staff of the Goths. M
982 Gusztav Latin Majestic. M
983 Gusztav Teutonic Staff of the Goths. M
984 Guthrie Gaelic Free wind. M
985 Guttorm Norse Brother of Gudrun. M
986 Guy Celtic Sensible. M
987 Guy English A name derived from the Hebrew 'goy', meaning Gentile. Also a colloquial term used to refer to a man. M
988 Guy French Guide. M
989 Guy German From the Old German name Wido, meaning wood. Famous bearer: the British Guy Fawkes. M

990 Guy Hebrew Valley. M
991 Guy Latin Life. M
992 Guy Teutonic Warrior. M
993 Guyapi NativeAmerican Frank. M
994 Guyon English Lively. M
995 Gwakhmai Welsh Hawk of the battle. M
996 Gwalchmai Celtic From Arthurian legend. M
997 Gwalchmei Welsh Legendary son of Gwyar. M
998 Gwalhaved Welsh Legendary son of Gwyar. M
999 Gwallawg Welsh Legendary son of Llenawg. M
1000 Gwallter Welsh Welsh form of Walter 'strong fighter'. M