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101 Galway Gaelic Of the strange Gauls. M
102 Galyn Gaelic Tranquil. M
103 Galyn Greek Tranquil. For 1500 years accepted medical practices were based on the research of 2nd century physician Galen. M
104 Gamaliel Biblical Recompense of God, camel of God. M
105 Gamaliel Hebrew God's reward. Recompense of God. A biblical name adopted by 16th century Puritans. Famous bearers: American president Warren Gamaliel Harding. M
106 Gamer Teutonic Defender. M
107 Gammadims Biblical Dwarfs. M
108 Gamul Biblical A recompense. M
109 Ganesh Hindi Lord of the dwarves. M

110 Ganger Norse A founder of Normandy. M
111 Gann English Spear protector. M
112 Gannie Gaelic Fair skinned. M
113 Gannon English Speannan. M
114 Gannon Gaelic Fair skinned. M
115 Gannon Irish Fair. M
116 Ganya Russian Worships God. M
117 Ganymede Greek Cup bearer to the gods. M
118 Ganymede Latin Cup bearer to the gods. M
119 Gaothaire Gaelic Free wind. M
120 Gar Anglo-Saxon Spear. M