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161 Garet Norse Defender. M
162 Gareth Anglo-Saxon Strong spear. M
163 Gareth ArthurianLegend Gentle. Gareth was a knight of the Round Table portrayed in both Sir Thomas Malory's and Tennyson's versions of the Arthurian legend. Also a son of Lot. M
164 Gareth Welsh Gentle. Modest and brave Sir Gareth was a legendary knight of King Arthur's Round Table. M
165 Garett English Variant of Gerald 'rules by the spear.'. M
166 Garey English Spear. M
167 Garey German Spear. M
168 Garfield English From the triangular field. From an Old English surname and place name, meaning 'field of spears'. M
169 Gargrave Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 1' Sir Thomas Gargrave. M

170 Gariland English From the spear land. M
171 Garin French Guards; guardian. M
172 Garin German Guards; guardian. M
173 Garion French Guards; guardian. M
174 Garion German Guards; guardian. M
175 Garlan French Wreath; prize. M
176 Garland English From the spear land. M
177 Garland French Crowned in victory 'Wreath; prize.'. M
178 Garlen French Wreath; prize. M
179 Garlyn French Wreath; prize. M
180 Garm Norse Guards the gate of Hell. M