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21 Gaspard French French form of Caspar. M
22 Gaspard Spanish Treasure. M
23 Gaylord French From the Old French, meaning high-spirited. Used as both a surname and given name. M
24 Gearald Gaelic Gaelic form of Gerald. M
25 Gearoid Irish Spearbrave. M
26 Gearoid Teutonic Spear strength. M
27 Gehard English Spear hard. M
28 Geirmund Norse Son of Gunnbjorn. M
29 Geirrod Norse Brother of Geirrid. M

30 Gerald English Ruling spear. Introduced into Britain from Germany during the Norman Conquest. Famous bearer: medieval Welsh writer and clergyman Gerald of Wales. M
31 Gerald German From an Old German name derived from 'ger' meaning spear, and 'vald' meaning rule. M
32 Gerald Teutonic Spear strength. M
33 Gerard English Hard or bold spear. This name was introduced to England from Germany during the Norman Conquest. Famous bearer: British poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. M
34 Gerard French Spear strong. See also Jerard. M
35 Gerard German See also Jerard. From an Old German name meaning hard, strong, or bold spear. M
36 Gerard Teutonic Spear strength. M
37 Geraud Teutonic Spear strength. M
38 Gerd English Spear hard. M
39 Gerhard German Spear strong. M
40 Gerhard Swedish Swedish form of Gerard 'spear courageous'. M