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41 Gilmore Gaelic Devoted. M
42 Gilmore Scottish Sword bearer. M
43 Gimle Norse New heaven. M
44 GioIlamhuire Gaelic Devoted. M
45 Giollabrighde Irish Serves Saint Bridget. M
46 Giollabuidhe Irish Blond. M
47 Giolladhe Irish Golden. M
48 Girgashite Biblical Who arrives from pilgrimage. M
49 Giselmaere English Famous hostage. M

50 Giuseppe Italian He shall add. M
51 Glaedwine English Happy friend. M
52 Glansdale Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 1' Sir William Glansdale. M
53 Glendale Gaelic Valley. M
54 Godwine Anglo-Saxon Friend of God. M
55 Godwine English An Old English name meaning friend of god. M
56 Goffe Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Matthew Goffe. M
57 Goldwine English An Old English name meaning golden friend. M
58 Goodwine English Good friend. M
59 Gordie Anglo-Saxon From the cornered hill. M
60 Gore ArthurianLegend A kingdom. M