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1 Ga!l Irish Rooster. M
2 Gaal Biblical Contempt, abomination. M
3 Gabirel Basque Basque form of Gabriel. M
4 Gabriel Biblical God is my strength M
5 Gabriel Hebrew Man of God. God's able-bodied one. Famous bearer: The archangel Gabriel, who appears several times in the Bible. M
6 Gabriel Spanish God is my strength. M
7 Gabriel Swedish Strength from God. M
8 Gaddiel Biblical Goat of God; the Lord my happiness M
9 Gadiel Arabic God is my wealth. M

10 Gael Irish Stranger. M
11 Gail English Lively. M
12 Gal Hebrew Wave. M
13 Galal Biblical A roll, a wheel. M
14 Gall Celtic Stranger. M
15 Gall Gaelic Stranger. M
16 Gallgaidheal Gaelic Of the strange Gauls. M
17 Gamaliel Biblical Recompense of God, camel of God. M
18 Gamaliel Hebrew God's reward. Recompense of God. A biblical name adopted by 16th century Puritans. Famous bearers: American president Warren Gamaliel Harding. M
19 Gamul Biblical A recompense. M
20 Gardell Teutonic Defender. M