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21 Garnell English Keeper of grain. Surname. M
22 Garnell French Keeper of grain. Surname. M
23 Gavrel Russian Worships God. M
24 Gavriel Hebrew God is my strength. M
25 Gavril Russian Worships God. M
26 Gebal Biblical Bound, limit M
27 Geol English Born at Christmas. M
28 Gerrell English Form of Gerald 'rules by the spear.'. M
29 Gerrell German Form of Gerald: rules by the spear. M

30 Geuel Biblical God's redemption. M
31 Giddel Biblical Great. M
32 Gil French French form of Julius. M
33 Gil Hebrew Happiness. M
34 Gil Irish Serves Christ. M
35 Gil Israeli Joy. M
36 Gil Scottish Diminutive of Gilbert: Derived from the name Gilbride, meaning 'servant of St. Bridget'. M
37 Gil Spanish Squire 'Young shield.'. M
38 Gilgal Biblical Wheel, rolling, heap. M
39 Gill French French form of Julius. M
40 Gloribel Latin Glory. M