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101 German Teutonic Warrior. M
102 Geron French Guards; guardian. M
103 Geron German Guards; guardian. M
104 Gershon Biblical His banishment; the change of pilgrimage M
105 Gervin Gaelic Rough. M
106 Gerwyn Welsh Fair love. M
107 Geryon Greek Monster killed by Hercules. M
108 Gethin Welsh Dark-skinned. M
109 Ghasaan Muslim Variant of Ghasan: Old Arabic name.. M

110 Ghasan Muslim Old Arabic name.. M
111 Ghislain German Oath. M
112 Gian Hebrew Gift from God. M
113 Gian Italian Italian form of John 'God is gracious' Abbreviation of John often used in combination with other names. Gianni is equivalent to Johnny. M
114 Gibbethon Biblical A back, a high house. M
115 Gibeon Biblical Hill, cup, thing lifted up. M
116 Gibson English Gilbert's Son. M
117 Gideon Biblical He that bruises or breaks; a destroyer M
118 Gideon Hebrew Destroyer One who has a stump in place of a hand. A hewer. Famous bearer: the Gideons, a Christian organization distributing Bibles to schools, hospitals, and hotels. M
119 Gihon Biblical Valley of grace. M
120 Gilen Teutonic Oath. M