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41 Geir Norse Spear. M
42 Geomar German Famous in battle. M
43 Geomar Italian Famous in battle. M
44 Gerar Biblical Pilgrimage, combat, dispute. M
45 Gergor Greek Vigilant. M
46 Geshur Biblical Sight of the valley, a walled valley. M
47 Gether Biblical The vale of trial or searching. M
48 Gezer Biblical Dividing, sentence. M
49 Ghadhanfar Muslim Lion. King of jungle.. M

50 Gheorghr Greek Farmer. M
51 Gibbar Biblical Strong; manly M
52 Gilmar English Famous hostage. M
53 Gilmer English Famous hostage. M
54 Gilmer Scottish Sword bearer. M
55 Gilmer Teutonic Famous hostage. M
56 Giomar German Famous in battle. M
57 Giomar Italian Famous in battle. M
58 Gittah-hepher Biblical Digging, a wine-press. M
59 Gizur Norse Leader of the attack on Hlidarend. M
60 Gjallar Norse Horn sounded for Ragnorok. M