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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

281 Hansen Scandinavian Variant of John. M
282 Hanson Dutch Variant of John. M
283 Hanson Scandinavian Variant of John. M
284 Hanuman Hindi Monkey. M
285 Hanun Biblical Gracious, merciful. M
286 Hany Teutonic Rules an estate. M
287 Hanz German Gift from God. M
288 Hapharaim Biblical Searching, digging. M
289 Hapi Egyptian A god of the Nile. M

290 Hapu Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
291 Hara Biblical A hill, showing forth. M
292 Harac English From the ancient oak tree. M
293 Haradah Biblical Well of great fear. M
294 Haraford English From the hare's ford. M
295 Harailt Scottish Leader. M
296 Harakhty Egyptian Disguise of Horus. M
297 Harald Danish War chief. M
298 Harald Norse War chief. M
299 Harald Scandinavian Army commander. M
300 Harald Swedish War commander. M