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381 Harry German Variant of Henry: Home or House Ruler. Nickname of Prince Henry, son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana of Wales. M
382 Harry Norse War chief. M
383 Harry Swedish Swedish form of Henry 'rules the home'. M
384 Harry Teutonic Mighty in war. M
385 Harsha Biblical Workmanship, a wood. M
386 Hart English Stag. Strong; brave. Surname. M
387 Hart Teutonic Deer. M
388 Harte English Stag. Strong; brave. Surname. M
389 Harte Teutonic Deer. M

390 Hartford English From the stag's ford. M
391 Harti German Daring. M
392 Hartley English From the stag's meadow. Stag wood or meadow from Old English. Both a surname and place name. Famous Bearer: late 18th century poet Hartley Coleridge. M
393 Hartman English Stag. Strong; brave. Surname. M
394 Hartman German Strong. M
395 Hartmann German Strong. M
396 Hartun English From the gray estate. M
397 Hartwell English Lives near the stag's spring. M
398 Hartwell Teutonic From the deer's well. M
399 Hartwig Teutonic Strong advisor. M
400 Hartwood English From the stag's forest. M