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441 Hassin Hebrew Variant of Chasin: Strong. M
442 Hassun NativeAmerican Stone (Algonquin). M
443 Hastein Norse Son of Atli. M
444 Hastiin NativeAmerican Man (Navajo). M
445 Hastimukha Indian Face of an elephant. M
446 Hastin Hindi Elephant. M
447 Hastings English Violent. M
448 Hastings Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Lord Hastings, retainer of Northumberland and opposite against King Henry IV. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Lord Hastings. 'King Richard III' Lord Hastings. 'King Richard III' A pursuivant. M
449 Hatach Biblical He that strikes M

450 Hathath Biblical Fear. M
451 Hati Hindi Golden. M
452 Hatim Muslim Judge. Inevitable. Unavoidable.. M
453 Hatita Biblical A bending of sin. M
454 Hattil Biblical Howling for sin. M
455 Hattipha Biblical Robbery. M
456 Hattush Biblical Forsaking sin. M
457 Hauk Norse Hawk. M
458 Hauran Biblical A hole, liberty, whiteness. M
459 Havelock Norse Sea war. M
460 Haven English Place of safety; shelter. M