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501 Hazezon-tamar Biblical Drawing near to bitterness. M
502 Haziel Hebrew Variant of Chazaiah: God sees. M
503 Haziq Muslim Skillful. Intelligent.. M
504 Hazo Biblical Seeing, prophesying. M
505 Hazor Biblical Court, hay. M
506 He lush ka NativeAmerican Fighter (Winnebago). M
507 Heahweard English Chief guardian. M
508 Healhtun English From the hillslope estate. M
509 Heall English From the manor. M

510 Healleah English From the manor house meadow. M
511 Heallstede English From the manor house. M
512 Healum English Lives at the hall's slopes. M
513 Healy English From the slope land. M
514 Heammawihio NativeAmerican Wise one above (Cheyenne). M
515 Heanford English From the high ford. M
516 Heanleah English From the high meadow. M
517 Heardind English From the hare's valley. M
518 Heardwine English Brave friend. M
519 Hearne English Mythical hunter. M
520 Hearpere English Harpist. M