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741 Hildebrand Teutonic Battle sword. M
742 Hildebrandt Teutonic Battle sword. M
743 Hildehrand German War sword. M
744 Hilderinc Anglo-Saxon Warrior. M
745 Hilen Biblical A window, grief. M
746 Hilkiah Biblical God is my portion. M
747 Hillary Latin Happy. M
748 Hillel Biblical He that praises M
749 Hillery Latin Happy; Cheerful. M

750 Hilliard Teutonic Defender in war. M
751 Hillock English From the small hill. M
752 Hillocke English From the small hill. M
753 Hilmar Swedish Name of a noble. M
754 Hilton English From the hall on the hill. M
755 Himaayat Muslim Variant of Himayat: Help. Support.. M
756 Himayat Muslim Help. Support.. M
757 Hinnom Biblical There they are, their riches. M
758 Hinrich Teutonic Rules an estate. M
759 Hinto NativeAmerican Blue (Dakota). M
760 Hipolit Greek Freer of horses. M