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921 Hrapp Norse Father of Hrodgeir. M
922 Hreidmar Norse Dwarf king. M
923 Hrimfaxi Norse A mythical horse of night whose bridle drips the morning dew. M
924 Hring English Ring. M
925 Hristun English From the brushwood estate. M
926 Hroald Norse Brother of Eyvind Weapon. M
927 Hroc English Crow. M
928 Hrocby English From the crow's estate. M
929 Hrocesburh English From the crow's forest. M

930 Hrodgeir Norse Son of Hrapp. M
931 Hrolf Norse Wolf. M
932 Hrolleif Norse Old wolf. M
933 Hromund Norse Son of Thori. M
934 Hrorek Teutonic Famous ruler. M
935 Hrosskel Norse Son of Thorstein. M
936 Hrothgar Anglo-Saxon Legend name. M
937 Hrothrehr Irish Famous ruler. M
938 Hrusosky Czechoslovakian Dwells near the pear tree. M
939 Hrut Norse Son of Hejolf. M
940 Hrycg English From the ridge. M