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141 Halig Anglo-Saxon Holy. M
142 Haligwiella English Lives by the holy spring. M
143 Halil Hebrew Variant of Chalil: Flute. M
144 Halim Arabic Gentle. M
145 Halim Indian Kind. M
146 Halirrhothius Greek Son of Poseidon. M
147 Halirrhothius Latin Son of Poseidon. M
148 Halithersis Greek Seer who warns Penelope's suitors. M
149 Halklel Norse Brother of Ketilbjorn. M

150 Hall English From the manor. M
151 Hall Norse Son of Helgi the Godless. M
152 Hallam English Lives at the hall's slopes. M
153 Hallam Teutonic From the hillside. M
154 Hallbjorn Norse Rock bear. M
155 Halldor Norse Son of Gunnbjorn. M
156 Hallelujah Biblical Praise the Lord. M
157 Hallen Swedish Hall. M
158 Halley English From the manor house meadow. M
159 Hallfred Norse Son of Ottar. M
160 Hallil Hebrew Variant of Chalil: Flute. M