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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Hagia Hebrew Variant of Chagiah: Festival. M
2 Hakizimana Egyptian God saves. M
3 Hakupha Biblical A commandment of the mouth. M
4 Haligwiella English Lives by the holy spring. M
5 Hammedatha Biblical He that troubles the law M
6 Hamza Muslim Lion. Sour leaves.. M
7 Hania NativeAmerican Spirit warrior (Hopi). M
8 Hanna Arabic Arabic form of John. M
9 Hara Biblical A hill, showing forth. M

10 Haripriya Indian Loved by Vishnu. M
11 Harischandra Indian Name of a king. M
12 Harsha Biblical Workmanship, a wood. M
13 Hashupha Biblical Spent, made base. M
14 Hastimukha Indian Face of an elephant. M
15 Hatita Biblical A bending of sin. M
16 Hattipha Biblical Robbery. M
17 Hazaia Hebrew Variant of Chazaiah: God sees. M
18 He lush ka NativeAmerican Fighter (Winnebago). M
19 Hemakuta Indian From Hemakuta. M
20 Hena Biblical Troubling. M