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21 Harte English Stag. Strong; brave. Surname. M
22 Harte Teutonic Deer. M
23 Haruphite Biblical Slender, sharp. M
24 Hassan Askaree Muslim Early Imam (Leader) of Islam; grandson of Prophet Muhammad.. M
25 Haye Scottish From the stockade. M
26 Hayle English Lives in the hall. M
27 Heallstede English From the manor house. M
28 Heardwine English Brave friend. M
29 Hearne English Mythical hunter. M

30 Hearpere English Harpist. M
31 Heathdene English From the heath. M
32 Hege Biblical Meditation, word, groaning, separation. M
33 Heike Teutonic Rules an estate. M
34 Helge Russian Holy. M
35 Heortwode English From the stag's forest. M
36 Herbie German Diminutive of Herbert: Illustrious warrior. Army. Bright. Introduced into Britain during the Norman Conquest. Famous Bearer: American president Herbert C. Hoover (1874-1964). M
37 Herne Celtic Mythical hunter god. M
38 Herne English Mythical hunter. M
39 Herve English Bitter. M
40 Herve Teutonic Warrior. M