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41 Hashubah Biblical Estimation, thought. M
42 Hasrah Biblical Wanting. M
43 Hatach Biblical He that strikes M
44 Hathath Biblical Fear. M
45 Hattush Biblical Forsaking sin. M
46 Havilah Biblical That suffers pain, that brings forth. M
47 Hazaiah Biblical Seeing the Lord. M
48 Hazaiah Hebrew Variant of Chazaiah: God sees. M
49 Hazar-susah Biblical The hay-paunch of a horse. M

50 Hazargaddah Biblical Imprisoned band. M
51 Hazarmaveth Biblical Dwelling of death. M
52 Hazeroth Biblical Villages, palaces. M
53 Healleah English From the manor house meadow. M
54 Heanleah English From the high meadow. M
55 Heath English Masculine form of Heather. Untended land where flowering shrubs grow. Used both as a first name and surname. M
56 Heathleah English From the heath covered meadow. M
57 Heh Egyptian God of the immeasurable. M
58 Heinrich German Rules his household. Variant of Henry. M
59 Heinroch Teutonic Rules an estate. M
60 Helbah Biblical Milk, fatness. M