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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Haahashtari Biblical A runner. M
2 Hachmoni Biblical A wise man M
3 Hadi Muslim Guiding to the right.. M
4 Hadlai Biblical Loitering, hindering. M
5 Hadlai Hebrew Variant of Chadlai: Stop. M
6 Haggai Biblical Feast, solemnity. M
7 Haggeri Biblical A stranger. M
8 Haggi Biblical A stranger. M
9 Hai Biblical Mass, heap. M

10 Haji Egyptian Born during the pilgrimage. M
11 Haki Norse Name of a slave. M
12 Hali Biblical Sickness, a beginning, a precious stone. M
13 Hali Greek Sea. M
14 Hamadi Egyptian Praised. M
15 Hanani Biblical My grace, my mercy. M
16 Hani Muslim Happy. Delighted. Content.. M
17 Hannraoi Irish Variant of Einri: Rules the home. M
18 Hannraoi Teutonic Rules an estate. M
19 Hanraoi Irish Rules the home. M
20 Hapi Egyptian A god of the Nile. M