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21 Hananel Hebrew God is gracious. M
22 Hanbal Egyptian Pristine. M
23 Haniel Biblical The gift of God. M
24 Haniel Hebrew Variant of Chaniel: God's grace. M
25 Hannibal Latin General from the 3rd century B.C. who crossed the Alps with 30,000 men and 38 elephants during the second Punic War. M
26 Hanniel Biblical Grace or mercy of God. M
27 Hanniel Hebrew Variant of Chaniel: God's grace. M
28 Hansel Hebrew Gift from God. M
29 Hansel Swedish Swedish form of John 'gift from God'. M

30 Harel Hebrew Mountain of God. M
31 Harrell Hebrew Mountain of God. M
32 Hartwell English Lives near the stag's spring. M
33 Hartwell Teutonic From the deer's well. M
34 Hasiel Hebrew Variant of Chasiel: God's refuge. M
35 Hattil Biblical Howling for sin. M
36 Hazael Biblical That sees God. M
37 Hazar-shual Biblical Wolf's house. M
38 Haziel Hebrew Variant of Chazaiah: God sees. M
39 Heall English From the manor. M
40 Heimdal Norse Guardian of Bifrost. M