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21 Harum Biblical High, throwing down. M
22 Hashem Biblical Named, a putting to. M
23 Hashim Arabic Destroys eviI. M
24 Hashim Muslim Name of Prophet Mohammed's grandfather. Old Arabic name. Generosity.. M
25 Hashum Biblical Silence, their hasting. M
26 Hatim Muslim Judge. Inevitable. Unavoidable.. M
27 Haytham Muslim Young hawk.. M
28 Hayyim Hebrew Life. M
29 Hayym Hebrew Variant of Chayim: Life. M

30 Hazar-susim Biblical The hay-paunch of a horse. M
31 Healum English Lives at the hall's slopes. M
32 Helam Biblical Their army, their trouble. M
33 Helem Biblical Dreaming, healing. M
34 Helkath-hazzurim Biblical The field of strong men; or of rocks M
35 Hieronim Polish Polish form of Jerome 'sacred'. M
36 Hinnom Biblical There they are, their riches. M
37 Hiram Biblical 'Exaltation of life, a destroyer' M
38 Hiram Hebrew My brother is exalted. A king of Tyre from the Old Testament. M
39 Hoham Biblical Woe to them. M
40 Homam Biblical Making an uproar. M