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121 Haydon English From the hedged in valley. M
122 Haydon Teutonic From the hedged hill. M
123 Haydon Welsh Variant of Haydn: Fire. Derived from the Celtic name Aidan. M
124 Haylan Swedish Hall. M
125 Hazar-hatticon Biblical Middle village, preparation. M
126 Hazarenan Biblical Imprisoned cloud. M
127 Healhtun English From the hillslope estate. M
128 Hebron Biblical Society, friendship. M
129 Hedeon Russian Destroyer. M

130 Hedin Norse Son of Thorstein Troll. M
131 Heikkinen Finnish Son of Henry. M
132 Heilyn Celtic Mythical son of Gwyn. M
133 Heilyn Welsh Legendary son of Gwynn. M
134 Helbon Biblical Milk, fatness. M
135 Hellekin ArthurianLegend French lover of Morgan le Fay. M
136 Helon Biblical Window, grief. M
137 Helton English From the hillslope estate. M
138 Heman Biblical Their trouble, tumult, much, in great number. M
139 Hen Biblical Grace, quiet, rest. M
140 Hen German Diminutive of Henry: Home or House Ruler. M