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221 Iphitus Greek Brother of Iole. M
222 Iphitus Latin Brother of Iole. M
223 Iqbaal Muslim Variant of Iqbal: Prosperity. Wealth.. M
224 Iqbal Muslim Prosperity. Wealth.. M
225 Iqtidaar Muslim Variant of Iqtidar: Capability. Power.. M
226 Iqtidar Muslim Capability. Power.. M
227 Ir Biblical Watchman; city; vision M
228 Ira Biblical Watchman; making bare; pouring out M
229 Ira Hebrew Watchful. One of King David's men in the Old Testament. Famous Bearer: Lyricist Ira Gershwin. M

230 Irad Biblical Wild ass, heap of empire, dragon. M
231 Iram Biblical The effusion of them, a high heap. M
232 Irenbend Anglo-Saxon Iron bend. M
233 Irfaan Muslim Variant of Irfan: Knowledge. Wisdom.. M
234 Irfaan Muslim Variant of Irfan: Thankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom.. M
235 Irfan Muslim Thankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom.. M
236 Iri Biblical Fire, light. M
237 Irijah Biblical The fear of the Lord. M
238 Iris Latin Diminutive of Beatrice F: A variant of Beatrix meaning bringer of joy. In the Divine Comedy, Beatrice was Dante's guide through Paradise, perhaps inspired by Beatrice Portinari who was Dante's earliest love. M
239 Irpeel Biblical The health, medicine, or exulting of God. M
240 Irshaad Muslim Variant of Irshad: Guidance. Direction.. M