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261 Irwyn English Sea friend. M
262 Isaac Biblical Laughter M
263 Isaac Hebrew He laughs. Laughter. The only son born to Abraham and his wife Sarah (in the Old Testament). Famous Bearers: British scientist Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) and the great violinist Itzhak Perlman. M
264 Isaakios Hebrew Child of laughter. M
265 Isaamm Muslim Variant of Isamm: Safeguard.. M
266 Isabel Latin Variant of Elizabeth. 'My God is bountiful;God of plenty.'. M
267 Isadorer Greek Strong gift. M
268 Isadoro Spanish Strong gift. M
269 Isaiah Biblical The salvation of the Lord M

270 Isaiah Hebrew The Lord is generous. Salvation of the Lord. God's helper. M
271 Isaias Hebrew God's helper. M
272 Isaias Spanish Salvation of Jehovah. M
273 Isak Swedish Laughs. M
274 Isamm Muslim Safeguard.. M
275 Iscah Biblical He that anoints M
276 Iscariot Biblical A man of murder; a hireling M
277 Isdemus ArthurianLegend Knight of Arthur. M
278 Iseabail Hebrew Devoted to God. M
279 Isen Anglo-Saxon Iron. M
280 Isenham English From the iron one's estate. M