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321 Ismail Muslim Variant of Ismael: The Biblical Ishmael is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
322 Ismat Muslim Variant of Ismat: Chastity. Purity.. M
323 Ismat Muslim Chastity. Purity.. M
324 Isolf Norse Son of Hrani. M
325 Ispah Biblical A jasper stone. M
326 Israar Muslim Variant of Israr: Secrecy. Privacy.. M
327 Israel Biblical Who prevails with God M
328 Israel Hebrew May God prevail. He struggles with God. God perseveres; contends. In the bible when Jacob was in his nineties as a token of blessing God changed his name to Israel. M
329 Israr Muslim Secrecy. Privacy.. M

330 Isreal Hebrew Ruling with the Lord. M
331 Isrod Norse Brother of Isleif. M
332 Issa Egyptian God saves. M
333 Issa Muslim The Biblical Jesus is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
334 Issac Dutch Laughter. M
335 Issachar Biblical Reward, recompense. M
336 Istaqa NativeAmerican Coyote man (Hopi). M
337 Istu NativeAmerican Sugar. M
338 Istvan Greek Victorious. M
339 Istvan Hungarian Hungarian form of Stephen 'crowned with victory'. M
340 Isui Biblical Plainness, equal. M