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81 Ihtishaam Muslim Variant of Ihtisham: Pomp. Magnificence.. M
82 Ihtisham Muslim Pomp. Magnificence.. M
83 Iim Biblical Heaps of Hebrews; or of angry men M
84 Ije-abarim Biblical Heaps of Hebrews, or of passers over. M
85 Ijon Biblical Look, eye, fountain. M
86 Ike English Variant of Hebrew Isaac 'Laughter.'. M
87 Ike Hebrew Diminutive of Isaac: He laughs. Laughter. The only son born to Abraham and his wife Sarah (in the Old Testament). Famous Bearer: Nickname of American president Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969). M
88 Iker Basque Visits. M
89 Ikhlaaq Muslim Variant of Ikhlaq: Morals. Virtues.. M

90 Ikhlaas Muslim Variant of Ikhlas: Frankness. Sincerity.. M
91 Ikhlaq Muslim Morals. Virtues.. M
92 Ikhlas Muslim Frankness. Sincerity.. M
93 Ikkesh Biblical Forward, wicked. M
94 Ikraam Muslim Variant of Ikram: Esteem Veneration.. M
95 Ikram Muslim Esteem Veneration.. M
96 Ikrimah Muslim Female of a pigeon.. M
97 Ilan Hebrew Variant of Elan: Tree. M
98 Ilari Latin Cheerful. M
99 Ilarion Latin Cheerful. M
100 Iliana Spanish Variant of Elena. M