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161 Ingelbert German Bright angel. M
162 Ingemar Norse Famous son. M
163 Ingemar Swedish Famous. M
164 Ingemur Norse Famous son. M
165 Inger Norse Son's army. M
166 Ingharr Norse Son's army. M
167 Inghram Norse Ing's raven. M
168 Ingjald Norse Son of Helga. M
169 Inglebert German Variant of Engelbert: Bright as an angel. M

170 Ingmar Norse Famous son. M
171 Ingmar Swedish Famous. M
172 Ingolf Norse Ing's wolf. M
173 Ingram German Ing's raven (Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility). Used commonly as both a first name and as a surname during the Middle Ages. M
174 Ingram Norse Ing's raven. M
175 Ingram Scandinavian Raven of peace; Ing's raven. Ing was a mythological Scandinavian hero. M
176 Ingram Teutonic Ing's raven. M
177 Ingvar Scandinavian Ing's army. M
178 Ingvar Swedish Famous fighter. M
179 Ini-herit Egyptian He who brings back the distant one. M
180 Inigo Basque Ardent. M