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1 Iain Gaelic Gaelic form of John. M
2 Iain Scottish Scottish variant of Ian: 'Gift from God'. M
3 Ian Hebrew Gift from God. M
4 Ian Scottish Gift from God The Gaelic form of the name John. M
5 Iasion Greek Father of Plutus. M
6 Iason Greek Healer. M
7 Ibon Teutonic Archer. M
8 Ibzan Biblical Father of a target; father of coldness M
9 Iden Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. M

10 Iden Celtic Wealthy. M
11 Iden Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Alexander Iden, a Kentish gentleman. M
12 Ighneachan Irish Variant of Eigneachan: Strong man. M
13 Ihsaan Muslim Variant of Ihsan: Benevolence. Beneficence. Charity.. M
14 Ihsan Muslim Benevolence. Beneficence. Charity.. M
15 Ijon Biblical Look, eye, fountain. M
16 Ilan Hebrew Variant of Elan: Tree. M
17 Ilarion Latin Cheerful. M
18 Illan Latin Youth. M
19 Illian Latin Youth. M
20 Imaadudin Muslim Variant of Imadudeen: The pillar of the Faith.. M