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1 Iakovos Hebrew Supplanter. M
2 Iapetus Greek A Titan. M
3 Ibycus Greek A bard. M
4 Icarius Greek Gave wine to the citizens of Athens who mistook it for poison and killed him. M
5 Icarus Greek Son of Daedalus. M
6 Icelos Greek Son of Hypnos. M
7 Idas Greek An Argonaut. M
8 Idms Muslim The Biblical Enoch is the English language equivalent.. M
9 Idomeneus Greek A king of Crete. M

10 Idomeneus Latin King of Crete. M
11 Idrees Muslim Variant of Idris: A Prophet's name.. M
12 Idris Muslim A Prophet's name.. M
13 Idris Welsh Fiery lord. M
14 Ignatius Greek Fiery. Famous Bearers: St Ignatius of Antioch, martyred in the 2nd century. St Ignatius of Loyola, who founded the Jesuits in the 15th century. M
15 Ignatius Latin Ardent. M
16 Ikhlaas Muslim Variant of Ikhlas: Frankness. Sincerity.. M
17 Ikhlas Muslim Frankness. Sincerity.. M
18 Ilias Hebrew Jehovah is God. M
19 Illias Hebrew Jehovah is God. M
20 Illius Latin Youth. M