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401 Jehonadab Biblical Who gives liberally. Free giver, liberality. M
402 Jehonathan Biblical Gift of the Lord, gift of a dove. M
403 Jehoram Biblical Exaltation of the Lord. M
404 Jehoshaphat Biblical The Lord is judge M
405 Jehoshua Biblical A savior; a deliverer M
406 Jehovah Biblical Self-subsisting M
407 Jehovah-jireh Biblical The Lord will provide M
408 Jehovah-nissi Biblical The Lord my banner M
409 Jehovah-shalom Biblical The Lord send peace M

410 Jehovah-shammah Biblical The Lord is there M
411 Jehovah-tsidkenu Biblical The Lord our righteousness M
412 Jehozabad Biblical The Lord's dowry, having a dowry. M
413 Jehozadak Biblical Justice of the Lord. M
414 Jehu Biblical Himself who exists M
415 Jehu Hebrew Jehovah is He. The biblical military commander of Israel (later king) who was noted for pell-mell style of chariot driving. M
416 Jehubbah Biblical Hiding, binding. M
417 Jehucal Biblical Mighty, perfect, wasted. M
418 Jehud Biblical Praising, conferring. M
419 Jehudi Biblical Praising, conferring. M
420 Jehush Biblical Keeping counsel, fastened. M