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541 Jerrold Teutonic Strong with a spear. M
542 Jerron English Modern variant of Israeli Jaron 'cry of rejoicing.'. M
543 Jerry English A diminutive of a Jeremiah, Jeremy, or Jerome, also used as an independent name. Also a colloquial term for a German soldier. Famous bearer: American comedian-actor Jerry Lewis was born Joseph Levitch. M
544 Jerry Greek Diminutive of Jerome: Holy name. Sacred name. M
545 Jerry Hebrew Diminutive of Jeremiah: May Jehovah exalt. Exalted of the Lord. Jeremiah was a 7th century prophet and the author of the book of Lamentations in the Old Testament. Used commonly in Ireland. M
546 Jerryl English Strong; open-minded. Blend of Jerold and Darell. M
547 Jerubbaal Biblical He that defends Baal; let Baal defend his cause M
548 Jerubbesheth Biblical Let the idol of confusion defend itself M
549 Jeruel Biblical Fear, or vision of God. M

550 Jerusalem Biblical Vision of peace M
551 Jervis English Variant of the French name Gervaise 'spearman.'. M
552 Jeryl English Strong; open-minded. Blend of Jerold and Darell. M
553 Jerzyr Greek Farmer. M
554 Jesaiah Biblical Health; or salvation; of the Lord M
555 Jeshebeab Biblical 'Sitting, or captivity, of the father' M
556 Jesher Biblical Right, singing. M
557 Jeshimon Biblical Solitude, desolation. M
558 Jeshishai Biblical Ancient, rejoicing exceedingly. M
559 Jeshohaia Biblical The pressing; the meditation of God M
560 Jeshua Biblical A savior; a deliverer M