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801 Joseph Hebrew May Jehovah add/give increase. St Joseph of Arimathea undertook the burial of Jesus (in Holy Grail lore). In the bible Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery and later rose to become a supreme power in Egypt. Also Jesus' legal father.. M
802 Josephus Hebrew God will multiply. M
803 Josephus Latin May God give increase. M
804 Joses Biblical Raised; who pardons M
805 Josh Hebrew Abbreviation of Joshua 'Jehovah is salvation.'. M
806 Josha Indian Satisfied. M
807 Joshah Biblical Being; forgetting; owing M
808 Joshaviah Biblical The seat, alteration, or captivity of the Lord. M
809 Joshbekesha Biblical It is requiring or beseeching. M

810 Joshua Biblical A savior; a deliverer M
811 Joshua Hebrew Jehovah is generous. Jehovah saves. In the Old Testament, Joshua was chosen to succeed Moses as leader of the Israelites for their journey to the Promised Land. M
812 Josiah Biblical The Lord burns; the fire of the Lord M
813 Josiah Hebrew Jehovah has healed. Biblical Josiah became king of Judah at eight after his father was assassinated. He ruled 31 years. M
814 Josias Hebrew Variant of Josiah: May Jehovah heal. M
815 Josias Spanish Form of Josiah 'Jehovah has healed.'. M
816 Josibiah Biblical The seat; or captivity of the Lord M
817 Josilyn English Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name. M
818 Josiphiah Biblical Increase of the Lord, the Lord's finishing. M
819 Joska Hungarian Hungarian form of Joseph 'God is gracious'. M
820 Joss German Diminutive of Jocelyn: One of the Goths'. Introduced into Britam as a masculine name during the Norman Conquest, Jocelyn was adopted as a feminine first name in the early 20th century. M