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101 Jahzeel Biblical God hasteth, or divideth. M
102 Jai English Variant of names like Jason and Jacob. M
103 Jai Sanskrit Victorious. M
104 Jaide Arabic Goodness. M
105 Jaime Scottish Variant of Jacob Supplanter. M
106 Jaime Spanish Supplanter. M
107 Jair Biblical My light, who diffuses light. M
108 Jaira Hebrew Feminine of Jairus. M
109 Jairo Spanish Variant of the Hebrew Jairus 'Jehovah enlightens.'. M

110 Jairus Biblical My light, who diffuses light. M
111 Jairus Hebrew Jehovah enlightens. M
112 Jaison Greek Variant of Jason: a healing. M
113 Jakan Biblical He that troubleth M
114 Jake English Abbreviation of Jacob. M
115 Jake Hebrew Diminutive of Jacob: He grasps the heel. Supplanter. M
116 Jakeem Arabic Raised up. M
117 Jakeem Hebrew Raised up. M
118 Jakim Biblical Rising, confirming, establishing. M
119 Jakob Danish Danish form of Jacob. M
120 Jakob German German form of Jacob. M