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1 Jaala Biblical Ascending, a little doe or goat. M
2 Jada Biblical Knowing. M
3 Jaddua Biblical Known. M
4 Jaira Hebrew Feminine of Jairus. M
5 Jambha Indian Jaws. M
6 Jambhala Indian God of wealth. M
7 Jamilia African Variant of Jameelah: chaste. (Swahili). M
8 Janaya English Modern name based on Jane or Jean; Based on Janai meaning 'God has answered.'. M
9 Jankia Hebrew Gift from God. M

10 Janna Biblical Who speaks or answers, afflicted, poor. M
11 Japhia Biblical Enlightening, appearing. M
12 Jasha Russian Supplanter. M
13 Jayna English Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor. Variant of Joan. M
14 Jazmina English Modern variant of Jasmine; combination of Jocelyn and the musical term 'jazz.'. M
15 Jeanina French Diminutive form of Jane or Jeanne. M
16 Jegar-sahadutha Biblical Heap of witness. M
17 Jehoiada Biblical Knowledge of the Lord. M
18 Jehoshua Biblical A savior; a deliverer M
19 Jena Scandinavian God is gracious. M
20 Jenda Hebrew Gift from God. M