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1 Jaanai Biblical Answering, afflicting, making poor. M
2 Jabari Egyptian Brave. M
3 Jafari Egyptian Creek. M
4 Jahi Egyptian Dignified. M
5 Jahmai Biblical Warm, making warm. M
6 Jai English Variant of names like Jason and Jacob. M
7 Jai Sanskrit Victorious. M
8 Jancsi Hebrew Gift from God. M
9 Jani Finnish Finnish form of John. M

10 Jani Hebrew Gift from God. M
11 Japhleti Biblical Delivered, banished. M
12 Jarvi Finnish Lake. M
13 Jeaterai Biblical Searching out. M
14 Jebusi Biblical Trodden under foot, mangers. M
15 Jedi Hebrew Beloved by God. M
16 Jehovah-nissi Biblical The Lord my banner M
17 Jehudi Biblical Praising, conferring. M
18 Jenci Hungarian Well. M
19 Jeoffroi French Divine peace. M
20 Jeovani Latin Form of Jovan 'Father of the sky.'. M