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201 Kauldi Latin Lame. M
202 Kauthar Muslim Ample. Abundant.. M
203 Kavan Irish Handsome. M
204 Kaveh Persian Name of a hero. M
205 Kaven Irish Handsome. M
206 Kavi Indian Poet. M
207 Kay ArthurianLegend Son of Ector. M
208 Kay English Variant of the Latin: Gaius; an alternative spelling of Cai. Sir Kay was a knight of King Arthur's Round Table. The name Kay also appeared in Hans Christian Andersen's story 'The Snow Queen'. M
209 Kay Greek Variant of Katherine. Pure. M

210 Kay Scottish Fire. M
211 Kay Welsh Fiery. M
212 Kaycie English Modern Kacie and variants are phonetic forms of the initials K.C. or variants of the Irish name Casey 'alert; vigorous.'. M
213 Kaylah English Variant of Kay. 'keeper of the keys; pure.' Also Kayla is a character on daytime TV 'Days of Our Lives.'. M
214 Kaylan English Variant of Kay and Kayla. 'keeper of the keys; pure.'. M
215 Kaylene English Variant of Kay and Kayla 'keeper of the keys; pure.'. M
216 Kaylyn English Variant of Kay and Kayla. 'keeper of the keys; pure.'. M
217 Kayne Celtic Intelligent. M
218 Kayne Gaelic Tribute. M
219 Kazatimiru Slavic Commands peace. M
220 Kazemde Egyptian Ambassador. M