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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

281 Keiji Japanese Governs with discretion. M
282 Keilah Irish Lively; aggressive. Variant of Kelly. M
283 Keilan Gaelic Slender; fair. M
284 Keillan Gaelic Slender; fair. M
285 Keir Celtic Dark skinned. M
286 Keir Gaelic Dusky; dark-haired. Actor Keir Dullea. M
287 Keir Irish Dusky; dark-haired. Famous bearer: actor Keir Dullea. M
288 Keir Scottish A surname used occasionally as a first name since the late 19th century. M
289 Keiran Gaelic Dusky; dark-haired. M

290 Keiran Irish Dusky; dark-haired. M
291 Keitaro Japanese Blessed. M
292 Keith Irish From the battlefield. M
293 Keith Scottish Wood. From the battleground. A surname and place name. M
294 Keith Welsh Dwells in the woods. M
295 Kek Egyptian God of darkness. M
296 Kelaiah Biblical Voice of the Lord; gathering together M
297 Kelan Irish Slender. M
298 Kelby Gaelic Place by the fountain or spring. M
299 Kelby German Dark; dark-haired. M
300 Kelby Polish Dark; dark-haired. M